I have myself in a panic! help!

Hi all.

I have been having quite a few ‘off balance’ days but it’s nearly that time of month so I guess it’s expected.

But… For the first time ever I have a dull high pitched ring in my ear. I first thought it was in my head but now it feels more like my right ear. It hasn’t stopped. I have had tinnitus before when one ear cuts out and it rings for a split second (only a handful of times.) Never like this though and I’m petrified. I am scared it mucks up the mav dx. I heard that both ears is MAV, but not one?

Still no fullness in ny ears.

Thanks for reading.

I have a very dodgy left ear, get pain and noises and popping sensation yet in 15 years no ENT doctor will give me a firm diagnosis of anything. First it was menieres but because my hearing perfect that was ruled out. Only been in last few months that they are trying me with a MAV diagnosis as my dizziness has been continuous for more than a year.

I see your point though because at least with MAV there are medications to try but with anything else, especially menieres, only destructive surgery often gets rid of the vertigo.

I don’t think tinnitus in 1 ear mucks up a MAV diagnosis.

Mine sounds like its more in my left ear than my right.

I would seriously stop questioning your diagnosis. You have to accept it.

Tinnitus is a bitch but you get used to it.

tinnitus in 1 ear doesn’t mean its not MAV

My tinnitus started as high pitched roaring in my right ear which has now turned into low pitched hissing in both ears only noticeable in quiet environments or when I focus on it. Your diagnosis is 100% MAV.

Btw the split second ear cut out tinnitus is very normal for everyone those with or without a vestibular disorder

Thanks everyone. I know I have to accept it. I’m annoying myself! I just think it’s because it has taken pretty much all my teenage years and adult years to get this far. It’s almost like I can’t believe it could be that simple. Appreciate all the comments!!

Angdunc, almost meant to ask how the sando is going for you?!

I get tinnitus in my right ear alone. Lefty doesn’t seem interested. But never for extended periods of time…

I’ve never heard of mav having to be both ears affected… it’s all just messed up sensations/input receiver signals… (well obviously a lot more than that! but you know what i’m saying)