I have noticed

I have noticed some things that may or may not be related to MAV. Wanting to see what you all think?
I get migraines. Sometimes head pain, sometimes ocular or aura, sometimes both. I notice though that every day i get strange visual dots. It usually happens when im walking around cleaning sometimes its bright, sometimes when i bend over to pick something up. These are similar to the visual symptoms i get during a migraine but these go away quickly( within a minute). They dont cause me any other issues.
For some reason i get this a lot while in my kitchen cooking! Coincidence?
I also wanted to know if others just have the intermittent off balance feeling? My dizziness used to be positional. After the epley its an off balance feeling but it comes on occasionally. I cant pinpoint why. I feel pressure in my sinus area and i get pIn in my left temple.
I have stopped chocolate, ibuprofen, and artificial sweetner. Working on the rest. Does anyone have any input??? Love this forum !

I have also a ton of upper and lower back pain. Is that related?

Yup, I get back pain when I’m in a nasty relapse like right now. It looks like I’m getting the mother of let down migraines post overseas holiday. Everything hurts, blurred vision, gut ache, disequilibrium … Yawn.