I just read the Heal your headache book and

I am SHOCKED…that things I felt were related to this problem…like tingling, feeling feverish with chills and yet not sick, OMG this book (parts of it) could have been written for me!!! I have aways tryed explaining to people that my numbness feeling like novicane wearing off!!! Thats what the book says!!! Anyhow guess I will be starting this diet, wish me luck in waiting til May to see T. Hain and with this diet I am TRYING to be a POSTIVE and feel like I am starting to see the light, you know?
Feeling pretty happy right now!

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Hi Donna,

It’s like someone suddenly switches on the lights again when you realise that all of the junk you have been putting up with is just migraine. Amazing that the consensus out there is that it is just a bad headache. Even the people I work with think the same and I’ve told them it’s not – for 2 years. They haven’t a clue. :roll: