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I’m hiking, playing sports, doing most everything I want to do again

I’ve been dealing with awful, massive disabling vertigo attacks (lasting up to 48/72 hours) for the last 15 months. Sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly. Lots of interim dizziness, brain fog, aural fullness, tinnitus, just feeling terrible. Lots of the typical stuff. Been diagnosed with menieres. Then a neurologist said no, it’s MAV. Started on topomax. Was a tough road with some side effects, but slowly ramped up at 25 mg per week, stuck with it , slowly got to 100 with some fits and starts over a 2-3 month period. About 3 moths in, it has worked wonders and gotten my active life back 95+%. I’m hiking, playing sports, doing most everything I want to do again. Still having to manage triggers and be careful, but it’s made a very positive difference. Wanted to add this data point for anyone searching around the site for info. Thanks.


What a wonderful success story Robert! Congratulations!

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The telling note for me. How long preventatives can take to get going. Helen


Glad you found a recovery solution, hard work but good job. Keep working it, and gently exploring new options to make things even better. You are okay, keep it up.

Woohoo! Congrats Robert!