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I’m new to the website, but not migraines.

Hello, I’m new to the website, but not migraines. I’ve had them for 13 years solid and I remember headaches as a kid as well. Took 5 years to get any type of diagnosis which was chronic migraines. Here I am today with same diagnosis with no relief, tons of testing with no answers except nothing is wrong and not one doctor really helped me and didnt want to listen to what I was telling them. After extensive research, listening to my body and seeing the ENT doctor, I might have vesticular migraines. I have noticed the migraines get out of control during the menstrual cycle every month. After no help, I’m looking for nee doctors to give me the correct diagnosis so I can have a correct solution to get better. No medication has worked, it made the migraines angry after each time I took any. For those of you in pain and have no quality of life, I feel for you and I’m here as well. I am willing to help others, listen to others and offer support. Thank you for reading my story.


Welcome Angylica. Have you had a chance to look at our wikis? Maybe look at our Big Med Poll? Do some searches on your various symptoms? We have a lot of info here that might help out. I hope so. Perhaps armed with info you might have more luck in your search for a better provider. It’s a long haul. I’m on my 5th neurologist as Vestibular Migraine is so rare and poorly understood. But it’s worth the effort to find a neurologist who will listen and is willing to read your background materials. There just aren’t many VM specialists out there - maybe 3-4 in the US, a few in the UK. So we need to educate the doctors we have.

Good luck to you. Stay connected here. The emotional side is just as important, if not more so, than the physical.

Again, welcome!