I started out having migraines, in my left eye

Well, I started out having migraines, in my left eye, like an icepick going through it. I was also very depressed because I was walking into furniture, rhe walls, and falling down. I could not drive and walked with a cane. Additionally was confused all of the time and woke up feeling high and was that way until I went to bed. Finally diagnosed with VM brought on by anxiety and depression. I was off work for six months. I was treated with Effexor an anti depressant and the depression symptoms went away and the vestibular issues almost gone. My doctor told me to drink lots of water, exercise and lose weight, which of course is easier said than done. I am about 80% better, but still have a little wobbly going on. I did the migraine diet for a while but the migraines were few, and not that bad and I have not had one in a long time and I abandoned the diet. The anit-depressants have done the trick for me.

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Welcome to the board, Colleen.

Wow, you received an explanation for your woes, that is unusual!

Despite your suffering that’s really good to have an explanation.

A neuro-psychiatrist told me this. He was the 8th physician, and third neurologist I saw. He said anxiety, depression, vestibular issues, all consistent with VM. Makes sense to me. I think I would have taken poison if someone told me it would make me well. Well, not really but one does reach a point of desperation. I am not all the way better, but on the mend anyway. I do believe that sugar is also something bad for me because if I eat a lot of it, it does seem to exacerbate the “wonkiness” . Now if I could just get off of sugar.

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There’s definitely research which supports their conclusion. (I recently linked some related research in #research-theories-controversies - but note only members who’ve been with us a while have built up the Trust Level to have access to that Category, built up with positive engagement with the forum).