I think I also have VM

I think I also have VM (my symptoms are constant dizziness,tinnitus, occasional vertigo).
When I start to walk after 10 minutes I feel very difficult to walk.
Yesterday I started taking magnesium glycinate(500mg) after reading @ak90’s recovery post.
I also takes migrelief( 1 capsule) per day
Do you have any advice for me :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @jaseel, we can’t diagnose here, but those will be very familiar symptoms to a lot on here! Make sure you get a professional diagnosis. There’s a lot in the Wiki on the standard treatment protocols, with medication being last resort, but to be discussed with your care provider if things get too intolerable.


My ENT and Neurologist said that my symptoms are because of migraine
MRI did not show any problems
Audiometry test was also normal


Hi Jaseel,
You might also want to investigate a disease called POTS because you said you struggle to walk more than 10 mins. It might be due to the blood pressure dropping while upright and not VM. It took me years and a lot of money to figure this out, so I’m warning others. It is diagnosed by a cardiologist.
All the best- hope you don’t have either!


Good observation. If you search on POTS on this site you can see it is very much comorbid with the same set of symptoms.

I recently had a bowel bug {?) which lasted weeks and it made me slightly dizzy/light headed. Apparently bowel issues can also cause a POTS like syndrome where orthostatic pressure fluctuates too much.

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@Agata Thank you for the information, I will check in to that.
I am constantly dizzy all the time, but this increases when I walk more than 10 minutes.
you had tinnitus as your symptom for POTS?
I have tinnitus in my left ear.
I also have migraine history.
My BP is also normal during dizzy times.

Oh, it’s unlikely it’s POTS if you’re dizzy all the time. I’m nearly never dizzy while laying down or sitting. Still, it’s worth checking your blood pressure while resting vs standing- just to exclude it as a possibility.
No, I don’t have tinnitus, but extremely sensitive to noise.
Good luck!

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