I think I'm just allergic to normal

So I just got back from Vegas yesterday - was there for 4 days. Flight was great, did fine with all the walking, casino noise, lights, etc. Enjoyed myself immensely. I get home yesterday and I’m feeling “migrainy” again and now back at work it’s all starting again! I think I’m allergic to home and work!!

i hear ya! i feel best at work, when i’m busy! when i get home to my small condo, that is when i notice my rockiness the most. weird, huh?

I was in Cali a few weeks ago and felt my best during those 3 days, then came home and bam next morning, all returned.

Too funny. I’m allergic to work, myself. Definitely feel better at home! (Ok, I know it’s staring at the computer screen all day with nothing to do, and with the office lights, as opposed to home where I have things to keep me busy and doesn’t involve staring at a screen for hours on end, but still… :wink:

I’m allergic to work and going to sleep :smiley:

So a millionaire insomniac husband would work great for me :twisted:

Yup - same here. I had a week in Bali recently and had NO MIGRAINE the whole time I was there. Come back to work and am wonky and my vision is swirling and jumping around. Co-incidence?? No! It’s The Bali Cure!

Too funny, I was just thinking the same thing today! I felt pretty great in France all of last week. This morning my head was spinning. Sigh.

Not me! Every holiday I have had, the migraine has started with a big one midweek and lasted throughout the holiday and continued a week after I get back, every time :frowning: Muppo, Victoria, you have found your cure… now where are those yacht clubs!