I wanted to come back to give some hope

Hi all

I don’t know if anyone will remember me from when I was last here. But I just wanted to say I left the chat because it seemed to make me worse. I was forever looking for answers and obsessesing. However I was on the propranolol and a lot of my symptoms was just anxiety at this point. I just wanted to say since been here last I’ve had another baby. And I haven’t had any bad dizzy spells or tinnitus in 2 years. I no longer take any medication. I genuinely am so happy. And I just wanted you all to know that I promise it gets better. I fully believe that to crack this awful thing your anxiety needs to be controlled etc. I now know that if I feel dizzy which I have my dizzy moments… when it comes to my time of the month etc. But it passes. And I’m ok with it I don’t freak out like I use to. And now I can enjoy all 3 of my children. And just logging back into this site makes me realise how incredibly grateful and lucky I am.
Thank you for anyone who gave me hope and helped me.


Hi Jessyka. I remember you well. So very pleased that you thought to come back and update and with such a Success Story too. It was very thoughtful of you to do so. Really restores my faith in mankind and a Beacon of Light in what are still extremely dark times. So very happy for you. No more dizzies and a third little one all in the space of a couple of years. I will move your story into the Success Bracket. As you say you have been so very lucky. It helps for sure that you were young and otherwise healthy and received prompt treatment with a drug you easily tolerated. I have heard several others give the same reasons for leaving this site. I once remember a consultant saying somewhere that the worst thing people with vestibular disorders can do is ‘to make a part-time job out of their dizziness’. Anxiety certainly can play a major role. Thanks again for revisiting. Helen

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Thanks @Jessyka_Nettleton, really great that you remembered us and came back to update us even though you were feeling better and could have just moved on. :running_woman:

So glad you are feeling better!!

So many will read your post and take :heart: :dove:

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Thank you for coming back to the site; it’s so nice to read positive stories.
I have one child and it’s a struggle at times when I’m dizzy and have a headache…
Could I ask, did the dizziness go away when you became pregnant?