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I know that many of us have discussed this Gut-brain connection with our migraines. My question is this; do most of you all suffer from constipation with your IBS or the other problem? And have you noticed a correlation between symptoms of each flaring. Also, do the foods that cause problems for your MAV cause GI troubles as well? I have been having a lot of gut issues since I started Paxil (I’m not weaning off and onto LExapro) so this issue is on my mind.

Thanks so much. Also, if you have had really serious bouts with constipation, could you please share your remedies?


I love starting a thread with such a lovely topic! :roll:

I am so chronically sick that it’s hard to notice a correlation with anything, as everyday is so bad. I think I might have mentioned in the past that Miralax helped me tremendously to combat my constipation from Verapamil. has that not worked for you? I think you mentioned trying it.

Interesting question! While I have never been diagnosed with IBS I do have many gut issues and I tend to go towards the constipated side. I’ve never been able to find a trigger for my MAV so I don’t know if there is a correlation between that and trigges for my IBS. Actually, I don’t know what my triggers are for IBS either so maybe there is a link there in that I just can’t figure out what is causing any of my problems. The only thing I know for sure I have a problem with is sorbitol - that give me d as well as nausea and yukky feelings.

I don’t know if this problem I have been having for the last week is IBS or something worse. Last Monday I was stricken with the worst abdominal pains ever. I was doubled over in pain and couldn’t even touch my abdomen as it hurt so much. I could barely walk. This has happened to me many, many times but never this bad. I almost went to the ER. The next morning they were much better but continued to linger. Today I get the pains again!! Not as bad and they were mostly confined to the lower abdomen, not the entire abdomen as they were last week.

I’ve been keeping to a very strict diet for the last 8 months, no packaged/canned/frozen meals, lo salt, no restaurants, no other people’s foods, anti-migraine, anti-menieres, low fat, low cholesterol, boring but healthy. Last weekend for the first time in ages I kind of went off the diet (but just a little bit) and then again this past weekend I did also (again just a little). So that may explain why 2 Mondays in a row I was stricken. However, I’m not sure what it was that made me feel this way. My guess would be I had some homemade baked goods with butter in them and also garlic bread with butter. Maybe something to do with the butter.

Anyway, as far as cures for constipation - apricots, All Bran cereal or Bran Buds. I used to have a bowl of one in the AM and a bowl of the other in the PM, then I had to go on low sodium and gave up the Bran Buds. I noticed a difference. How about bulger or brown rice, shredded wheat, apples, prune juice? Exercise is always good. I eat more than the daily recommended amount of fiber and I still have “the problem.”

One other thing I meant to mention - I noticed years ago when I would get very motion sick during a long car ride that I had to go to the bathroom very bad (as in #2). Surprisingly after going to the bathroom my motion sickness would let up and I would feel much better. Also, when I went to the bathroom it was a lot (sorry, I probably shouldn’t be going into such detail). It wasn’t diarreah, it was just a lot!! I’m not sure what the connection is here but I always felt there was one, especially since going to the bathroom made me feel better. When I’ve had my severe vertigo attacks I’ve also noticed I have to go, but since I can’t move an inch I can’t go the the bathroom. Okay, enough of that from me.

Bookworm - I am laughing so hard about your experiences with motion sickness and going poo. I had the exact same thing. Perhaps I need a good trip through the mountains in the passenger seat to clear myself out! The only problem with the the bran stuff is that it is wheat and I have wheat sensitivity. I’ve been trying to stay away from wheat.

Like you I have no idea what my triggers are really for either IBS or my migraines. Perhaps there is a connection? Sorry about your stomach pains. I get you on that. My gut just feels raw right now.

Lisa - I have tried Miralax and just haven’t had the success I was hoping for. Maybe when the Paxil is out of my system, all will be normal again. I used it again tonight. Wish me luck.


Bookworm…i know that if i am constipated…and not being regular, the Motion increases and it affects my dysequilbrium. Just sort of puts me out of wack. But as soon as i become regular again i begin to notice that the motion decreases and i feel more stationary again. Yes…going to the bathroom…getting alot the poisons out makes me feel better too. It may not be right at that moment…it could take a few hours before i begin to feel better.

Thanks for bringing this question up.


I have noticed a connection between migraine and ibs (i have ibs d). When I get a migraine (pain) I have an ibs-d episode approx. 2 days after in the evening. Now that my symptoms are so much lighter (on nori)…It has been more difficult to tell…That said, I do still notice.

IBS-D here too.

I have the typical severe urge in the morning and generally it gets better as the day goes on. It’s not uncommon for me to need to go 3-4 times a day.

I have an extensive family history of severe IBD (ulcerative colitis) but no sign of that yet (lucky).

Hi Molly.
Yes I’ve always suffered from constipation with my mav.
And irritable legs and bowel, it was so bad it would keep me awake at nights.
I use magnesium sups it helps me go!

jen :oops:

As I mentioned in the other thread, I didn’t have IBS-related problems until I got MAV. It initially consisted of constipation and bloating/gas. I used Miralax for a little while to get regular again and now have added soluable fiber to my diet (in special Oatmeal and with Benefiber mix). This helped out a great deal. I still get bloating/gas for no apparent reason (or from food that never caused me problems before) and in these cases, I take OTC Gas-X pills and drink a lot of organic Peppermint tea (or take Peppermint caps with fennel). I had pains in my side that radiated to my back due to the gas being trapped. This still happens, but the constipation is now under control (thank goodness!) Keep in mind that certain meds can cause IBS-like problems, so if you are on a med, look into what side effects it has. I was not on any meds when my digestive stuff began. Oh and exercise is supposed to help with digestive issues too; it has for me somewhat.

Both my Dad and husband swear by this stuff…Dad has suffered constipation issues for years.

Psyllium is the fiber part of seed husks from plantain. It is high in a soluble fiber that is called mucilage, so it absorbs water and becomes bulky. It contains almost no insoluble fiber, yet it acts like it has both soluble and insoluble fiber. Stomach enzymes do not easily breakdown psyllium, so it moves into your colon like insoluble fiber.

Psyllium fiber acts on your colon relieving constipation.

In your colon, psyllium activates peristaltic action and helps to clean your colon of any stagnation that has occurred there. By adding moisture to dry hard fecal matter, psyllium helps to move fecal matter through your colon. As psyllium seeds bulk up in your colon, they push against your colon walls stimulating peristaltic action. The soluble fiber in psyllium provides food for good bacteria, which helps them to multiple.

One added benefit of psyllium is its ability to pull toxins out of bowel pockets known as diverticuli.

Psyllium is a popular ingredient in many remedies on the market for relieving constipation. Choose a psyllium product that does not have sugar, maltodextrin, or artificial sweeteners. If possible, buy psyllium in bulk form from a health food store, which may offer it in bins. In this form, it is processed less and usually contains no additives.

If you have chronic constipation or constipation where you have blockage in the colon do not use psyllim seeds. Psyllim seeds provide more bulk to the colon and will just add to your chronic condition.

Here’s how to use for relieving constipation.

For mild constipation, take 1 teaspoon in a glass of juice or warm water 3 times a day.

Work up to taking one teaspoon of psyllium by starting with ¼ teaspoon in a glass of water or juice. The next day take ½ teaspoon and so on until you are taking one teaspoon. Do the same when considering taking up to 2 teaspoons of psyllium.

Start by taking 1 teaspoon just before going to bed. After drinking your glass of psyllium seeds, follow this up each time with another 8 oz of clear distilled water.

For moderate constipation, take 2 teaspoons in a glass of juice or warm water daily. Start by taking 2 teaspoons at breakfast time.

It can take up to 3 days to get constipation relief and that depends on the dose you take.

Use psyllium seeds with care. Some cases have been found where psyllium seed parts have lodged in the colon wall, causing an irritation. When using excessive psyllium seeds, it is possible that it can deposit on your colon walls if you have deposited toxic waste there. This adds to the encrustation along your colon wall.

Continue to drink water during the day, up to 4-6 glasses a day, when using psyllium seeds. This helps push the seeds through your colon and not deposit along your colon walls. Remember the seeds bulk up and absorb water and you don’t want them to cause constipation by bulking up and getting stuck in your colon.

Use psyllium seeds only long enough for relieving your constipation. Excessive use of psyllium can cause allergic reactions and can cause constipation if used incorrectly.

My GI dr. recommended Digestive Advantage and I find it makes a tremendous difference. I also take 400mg of Magnesium Glycinate 2x a day.
Between the two, it keeps things regular and with much less discomfort.
They have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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Thanks so much for all the feedback here. I hope that somewhere out there in medical land, research is being done on migraines and IBS because if is so obviously connected for so many of us.

I have IBS since I was little just like I have had motion sickness for as long as I can remember. For the past 5 years of having children and nursing, I have had no problems really until I started Paxil. It truly seems that a wire connection from brain to colon was cut and NOTHING was working. I do hope I do not have a blockage as that sounds pretty terrible :shock: . I am now switching to Lexapro and my colon literally feels raw and achy - never had that before. It’s like the lining got inflamed and now I can’t calm it down.

Thanks again for all the thoughts and I will definitely make a few changes.


Yep the connection between IBS and migraine is well documented …

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1700 … d_RVDocSum

(there are many other publications about it too…)

Why they are connected is anyone’s guess for now… when migraine is treated, GI symptoms often improve as well.

another thought on the mind-gut issue . . . years ago I was prescribed zoloft for severe depression. When the doctor was giving me the prescription he explained that one of the side effects was diarreah (sp?) He continued to explain that it is NOT a symptom that is coming from my stomach or intestines but rather something is happening inside the BRAIN that is causing it. I don’t remember all the technicalities but it makes a lot of sense. I did get one horrid spell of it about 2 hours after I took the med. (and didn’t take any more after that so I don’t know if it was a long term se or not).

Molly, I hope you are feeling better!!