Ibuprofen rebound headache?

How do you know if you have a rebound headache? I’ve been taking Ibuprofen for these awful daily migraines for a few months - sometimes one a day, sometimes more depending on the severity. Now I’m wondering if maybe these migraines have turned into a rebound headache. I saw on Dr. Oz today as well that because painkillers contain a small amount of caffeine, if you take too much it could cause sleep problems. Now I’m wondering if maybe that is the cause of my sleep issues. ???

Yes, in the book “Heal Your Headache”, Buchholz is very specific about this issue----rebound headaches caused by daily over the counter meds. I believe it’s not only the caffeine that is the culprit, but it’s the anti-inflammatory properties that the drugs provide. If you are constantly shrinking the inflammed blood vessels, then they keep re-inflamming bigger and bigger…so the book says. It’s a really great book if you haven’t read it.

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Ibuprofen has no caffeine in it … but once the repetitive anti-inflammatory mechanism is withdrawn, the body rebounds. If you rebound into migraine it can cause sleep disturbance. However, it could also be the Nori… I had problems with that junk last night at only 10mg.