Ice Cream query sent today; similar one sent to Edy's

Migraineurs are warned that products containing “natural flavors” may include products containing triggers for our illness. Clearly many of your ice creams, ice milks and frozen yoghurts contain caffeine, and regretfully we must avoid them. However, I believe both Breyers and Ben & Jerry’s products include “natural flavors.” When I eliminate flavors with chocolate, tropical fruits–even banana–nuts, peanuts, citrus, malt/maltodextrin, AND natural flavors, there ain’t a lot left. It would be a damned shame if by natural flavors you meant allowable flavors such as vanilla. Can you offer any information to guide us? If you do, with your permission I will share it on the relevant blog.

Thank you.

One response received so far:
“In the case of Edy’s®, specific ingredients used to make the flavoring is the flavor vendor’s proprietary information and, unfortunately, is not available.”

In other words, “Get fucked.”


Well, it was worth a try!


— Begin quote from “david shapiro”

In other words, “Get fucked.”

— End quote


LOL! But interestingly, I tend to gravitate TOWARD icecream that uses natural flavoring as opposed to artificial since the latter is worse. I realize things like nuts, fruits, etc are problems for people here, but I am usually buying straight forward chocolate or vanilla which don’t seem to bother me in low doses.

I’m glad for you, bcrelief . . . also jealous. Eliminating caffeine was my first very successful step in reducing MAV symptoms. Well, I treat myself to the occasional cup of decaf coffee, but not decaf tea.

Well I rarely take caffeine in any other form, so maybe that’s why? Also, I am not as sensitive to things (the foods noted here) as others, so I can thankfully eat icecream on occasion. I don’t think I would load it up with toppings/syrups/artifical additives though! :o