Ice Cream


I have been following the migraine diet from the book Heal Your Headache. They state that mushrooms, peas and tomatoes are potential triggers for some people because they have relatively high levels of free glutamate.

I have been avoiding them with hopes of reintroducing them and seeing how I react. In all honesty for me, I think I don’t have many food triggers besides bananas and bacon. I mostly have environmental triggers. Either way I wanted to try the migraine diet and see if it made any sort of difference. I guess the hard part for me is there are SO many variables throughout the day, I have a hard time attributing a bad day to any one food.

I don’t eat much ice cream… every once in awhile I will have some vanilla, but haven’t noticed any connection.


I forgot to ask… Are your reactions immediate or delayed and if so, how long and how long do they last?

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…In all honesty for me, I think I don’t have many food triggers besides bananas and bacon. …

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I have recently found a bacon product that might interset you. It is uncured, minimal nitrates or nitrite, no msg, no artificial ingrediants, gluten free and “less.” My family likes it because it doesn’t have that overpower salt tast normally associated with bacon. (my kids have bee on a reduced sodium diet all of their life and cannot stand salty foods. :lol: ) I like it because I can eat more than a 1/2 slice. If you are interested, it is Hormel “Natural Choice” Uncured Bacon.

Now back to the thread…

Thanks Brian! I will for sure look for it next time I’m at the store.

Yum … bacon, can’t remember the last time I had that. Brian thanks for bringing it to our attention. Now maybe I can have bacon on my club sandwich.


I just googled Hormel Natural Choice… They have a line of deli meats also thet are 100% natural, no preservatives, no nitrites, no nitrates, and MSG fee!!! Yeah :smiley: FYI

Yes, but only because it is dairy. There are some superb substitutes that would fool even Ben & Jerry. :smiley: