Ice for motion sickness?

I had an unexpected motion sickness free road trip this week and am hoping someone can help me figure out what I did right. I suffer from motion sickness from almost everything including being in a store or restaurant, using the computer, and the more traditional sources of riding in a car or traveling by plane. With the help of Effexor I’ve got the stores and restaurants under control but I still can only handle being a passenger in a car for about 10 minutes.

I went on a long road trip with my family this week. It was a 10 hour drive split over 2 days. Just as we were getting back in the car for the last 2.5 hours of the trip I discovered the air conditioning in the car had gone out. I thought this would be a nightmare scenario for a number of reasons. My body was at its worst after already being in the car for so long, any heat or stuffiness usually makes me feel 10 times worse, it was getting to be afternoon and temps were rising, and the sun was on the driver’s side of the car. After reviewing our options we decided to try to make it home rather than get the car fixed on the road.

I moved to the passenger seat (riding instead of driving is usually a major trigger for me) and we bought 2 big bags of ice. I put one on the floor and split the other up into smaller bags that I used to rub on my skin. I put one bag behind the small of my back and for a while had another on the back of my neck. I thought there was no way I’d be able to make the trip but as it turns out I felt NO symptoms. I was stunned! I have visions of doing future winter road trips packed in ice but I’d do it if it prevented the awful motion sickness!

Any idea what helped? Could improved posture from the lower back support help motion sickness? Did I ice a nerve in my neck that impacts motion tolerance? Could I be reacting to something chemical in the car or air conditioning that was avoided by turning off the vents and opening the windows?

Thanks in advance for any input.

I suffer the same as you. I don’t usually like air conditioning but do love to have the car windows open. Maybe that helped?

Tablets like Avomine usually help quite a lot.

I avoid having an empty stomach but also avoid just having eaten.

If I feel sick the best thing I can do is lie down on my side in the back - eyes closed, ear pressed against a firm cushion, or folded coat. It’s pressing my ear against a firm surface that works best - it stops sending messages to my brain that I’m floating in space! And reminds me I’m still connected to gravity.