Ice pick headaches?

I’m wondering if anyone else gets these sudden, sharp and really intense stabbing pains on one side of the head? I get these and they last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Is this considered part of the whole MAV thing? It’s new this year (sorry to sound like I’m describing this years fashion trend) I get ear fullness and maybe some tinnitus and/or light sensitve and then the ice picks. I have been getting this stabbing feeling almost daily or every other day. Day before yesterday, I got the confused, brain fogginess and feeling really spaced out. Not the dizziness like I would usually get, but just that ‘I’m not really all there’ feeling. (hence my username) and then later that same day I got ice picked again. :x

I’ve had those - and they’ve been in my eye - like somebody poking a sharp stick in my eye. thankfully not lasting long. But they haven’t been infrequent.

I get this type of headache occasionally now. It didn’t really start up until I started taking meds for migraine prevention. Usually on the left side of my head, position moving between my ear and temple. Sharp stabbing pain that will last for a few seconds, to a few minutes, the longer the pain, the less intense.

One moment, just did some quick research on ice pick headaches, and they can be located inside of the ear. I have been experiencing this ever since my balance/dizzy symptoms started. I guess it moved to areas around the ear after I started treatment for MAV. If it can be centered inside of the ear, then I don’t see why one could speculate that it could be related to MAV.

I don’t want to go off-topic here, but Brian, you mentioned the ears. I would never say that I get ice pick headaches, but I do get **extremely **“sore to the touch ears”, and areas around my ears. Just lightly touching these areas at times is enough to make me fight back tears and scream. Back in the beginning, I would tell my GP my ears hurt like crazy - just touching around them, and she would tell me “No, your ears are fine”…

Anyway, I wouldn’t call it an icepick headache, but it definitely involves my ears. I know its definitely Migraine related, just had it again the other day, after my aura…



trigeminal neuralgia can cause pain to the ear itself, as well as to areas surrounding the ear, and it is the trigeminal nerve that wreaks havoc in migraine. Makes perfect sense. Did your GP know you were a migrainer?


No, my GP wasn’t even thinking along the lines of migraine, it was right in the very beginning of all this, before I ended up with a neurologist who eventually diagnosed me. Sad thing was though, my neurologist wasn’t very helpful as far as validating alot of my symptoms as being migraine-related. He was pretty “old school”, was certain I had migraine because of my auras, but was a bit skeptical that it could be causing my dizziness and balance problems.(All of my testing came back ok). He prescribed me propanolol, because I had been on it in my 20"s for “panic attacks” and had success with it then.

Unfortunately, I lost my medical insurance right after that, but at the same time, I started improving alot. Anyway, sorry, way off topic now.


it’s not really off topic, because those ice pick headaches and your ear pain are all from the trigeminal nerve. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of trigeminal neuralgia, tic douloureux, but people who have it often end up suicidal it’s so bad. it his the teeth, the face, the ears. The tooth pain is so bad they are afraid to eat and sometimes die of starvation. It feels like an ice pick. their symptoms are caused by a different process than migraine, but the trigeminal nerve is involved.

Plus, Kim, your post is interesting.


Hi every one,
tic douloureux My mother has this,
how do you pronounce it ?
no I’m not kidding? :mrgreen:
I really want to know.
she cant eat or answer the phone the pain gets so bad, she’s even had teeth removed thinking it was her teeth.
her ear and side of her face feels inflamed.
she sai’s she want’s to die when it happens, as it can go on for a week.

I get electric shocks going up my trigeminal nerve , all the way to the top of my head starting from behinde
my right ear/ jaw.
shocking jabs of electricity , like someones scratching inside my brain tissue. :shock:
makes me jump.


Jen, Jen, Jen …
it’s pronounced - “tic-dou-lou-reux” just like its spelled silly !! :mrgreen:

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“reux” … I believe that would be “row” as in row your boat. But I’m not sure… LOL… as far as what you all say on the “other side of the pond” (is it???) I don’t have a clue. (That rhymes with kangaroo) LOL!!! Oh boy, sure am glad you have a sense of humor Jen, cause I’m dying …
Come on Jul, help me out here… :roll:

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BTW, it’s

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