Ideas for VM diet

Hello Everyone,
I’ve recently officially been diagnosed with VM and I’m finding difficulty with the food doet.
What do you guys eat. I know about the basic triggers, but I could really use some helpful ideas for food.
What are some good ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that are VM friendly.


This has been a bit hard for me but I have stayed pretty committed to the HYH diet the last 8 months. I do a lot of chicken, veggies, rice, salad (added tomatoes once I greenlighted them) and homemade dressing, homemade hummus, meatloaf with clean ingredients, boursin pasta, Trader Joes naan with mozzarella… I can’t say I’m the most creative with it but definitely utilize the dizzy cook’s recipes. She tends to use ingredients that are “maybe” triggers so sometimes I substitute those if I haven’t weeded it out. She has some good ideas for snacks that are helpful, too.

I did the diet for 6 months and it did absolutely nothing for me. I highly recommend trying for 3 months and if no help don’t continue. Not everyone has food triggers. I would definitely take some multivitamins while you try the diet because it’s so restrictive you’re likely to need them. The Heal Your Headache book recommends them while you do the diet. Just bog standard multivits was all i took.


I’m quite sceptical that foods trigger migraine or VM.

I tried the Heal Your Headache diet for almost a year, as well as similar elimination diets for periods of months or more - including no caffeine for almost 2 years (on two separate occasions).

None of these diets had any beneficial effect on the frequency or severity of my migraine/VM symptoms, but they did substantially worsen my quality of life and possibly my health, given everything you have to avoid.

And from what I have now read, most well-controlled studies show minimal evidence to support the theory that foods trigger migraines in general.

Of course, there may be some people who are very sensitive to certain foods, but I would say that for most individuals, there probably isn’t much benefit to depriving yourself and it may actually be harmful.


This is not really true – food is a definite trigger for many with migraine. Just because its not for you doesnt mean its not for everyone else! This is a diverse and heterogenous disease

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As mentioned on this post, Dizzy Cook has some amazing recipes. Her recipes have actually been a life saver! I also get recipes from Through the Fibro Fog. I don’t where I’d be without these two ladies :see_no_evil:I have to admit, I’ve been on the diet for 10 months & I’m still struggling to look for snacks & sweets that are migraine diet friendly. I hope you’re getting on with the diet ok.