If you are starting to feel anxious, PUT MR. GOOGLE DOWN!

There are many of us who’ve researched the heck out of this. Anything which involves the ear or the ‘c’ word, though, can make us very anxious. It’s absolutely awful to conceive you have something awry with your balance system, especially your ear. There are lots of doom and gloom stories and descriptions of terrible health conditions out there on t’internet (you almost certainly don’t have any of them!)

But you also have to watch your mental wellbeing

If you are symptomatic and not feeling very happy, perhaps a little anxious and possibly even depressed:

:stop_sign: DO NOT RESEARCH EAR CONDITIONS. :stop_sign:

Wait for another day and have a break, go out for a walk. :deciduous_tree: :sunflower:

Sure, it’s important to be informed :man_student: :woman_student: , but it’s also important to maintain a quality of life.

Perhaps wait for some months until you have got a lot of your symptoms under control and you can look at things more objectively.

Distract yourself with some very interesting things and things you enjoy!