If you are worried about flying

Hi All

I’ve just got back from Brazil & thought I would let you know the flight had no adverse affect on my dizziness. It stayed the same.

Bizarrly I had some pretty good days of feeling like 90% & not noticing my dizziness. But others I felt pretty weird. I only had 1 really bad headache too which was great.

I’m currently on no meds at all, but am following a herbal formula prescribed by my naturopath who is treating my IC.

I feel pretty off today, but am going to wait a while before I get on Topamax. I’m enjoying keeping my body clean at the moment.

Hope you are doing better - I cant wait to be in remission again 1 day - it was bliss. A had a glimpse of it in Brazil.


ah… remission…

What wouldnt I give for that.

Hey Luke,

Nice job making that flight with only moderate problems and being unmedicated. You’re in pretty good shape really to handle that … I know I’d be dead doing that right now. On Cipramil I was cool but without meds I’m a sitting duck.

Scott 8)

Im actually pretty scared to fly so thanks for that. I never had a problem with flying before MAV, but after, I wondered if it would have an adverse effect on me now. When my symptoms were REALLY bad, I would get even more dizziness than my normal 24/7 stuff in response to pressure, so I figured the plane would just HAVE to set that off. But I haven’t had any pressure related problems in a while, so I thought I might try a plane right sometime next summer. We’ll see :slight_smile: But thanks for posting that, and I’m glad that things went well for you