If you have MAV, were your vestibular tests all normal?


Weird question, but for those of you who have been diagnosed with MAV, were your VEMPS normal? And your Calorics normal? And your Dix Hallpike normal? And your VNG/ENG overall, were those normal?

I’ve been reading all the articles, and I know that the tests aren’t supposed to be normal, but mine are mostly normal, except for some nystagmus (without vertigo) in the Dix Hallpike maneuver. I only got a “floaty feeling” so the audiologist said it didn’t count, and the dynamic visual acuity test, which I couldn’t do.


I did some tests yesterday and my vestibule system was totally normal. I’m not sure what tests they did - they put some goggled on me and made me watch a dot on the wall while the played with my head, they put some sensors on my neck and some headphones that would play a tapping sound, and checked me for nystagmus by trying to induce vertigo (I also only felt floaty with this, didn’t get vertigo) they said it was normal. These tests occurred just before I received my diagnosis, and the doctor who diagnosed my is highly specialised in this area. I assume she would have not given me a MAV diagnosis if abnormal test were needed.

I have not done a caloric test or a balance test yet but will keep you posted.