I'm a bit discouraged

I went and saw my neuro again this morning. The 50mg of nori that I’ve been on isnt cutting it so he had me taper off and is now starting me on Inderal. He wasnt very optimistic that any meds will help me since we’ve tried the more successful ones unsuccessfully. He believes it’s all perimenopause with me - he’s seen lots of women come through his door with the same issue - the majority have resolved their issues in months, sometimes years but it will happen. He wants me to continue with my lifestyle changes and “hope for the best” (also that the Inderal will work). Also to control my triggers but my biggest triggers are hormonal changes and the weather - nothing much I can do about those! I’m also on 10mg of Cipralex which he said is a waste of time - it’s not helping and to go off it. I asked him about an increase dose of that and he said no. Then I said maybe I should try the Topamax again even though the first time it didnt work - he said no to that too since the first time didnt work.

I feel so discouraged. The first time i saw him he was so positive but now I feel like he’s throwing in the towel. I’m about 70% better but still not good enough. Not sure what I should do now!! :frowning:

Hey Tamsha,

A lot of doctors would consider 70% to be a ‘success’, but when you’re the one holding out for that extra 30% it doesn’t really feel all that successful.

I don’t really know what to suggest other than being more proactive with this doctor and telling him/her what other meds you would like to try and being quite forceful about it. Or find a new doctor who may have a fresh perspective and/or fresh ideas.

Hang in there!

I just started the generic form of Inderal last Wednesday and I do feel a reduction in headaches, but the dizziness is still causing trouble for me. Driving and riding in the car is a trigger for me and hasn’t changed a bit. I am also on the generic form of Effexor and have been taking that for almost 3 weeks.

I am also in peri-menopause right now and think that is what started this whole mess for me. I never experienced dizziness before peri started, but I did have headaches quite a bit which I always thought were sinus headaches, and now think they were probably migraines since the sinus meds never worked for me.

I’m discouraged also. My quality of life has changed tremendously in the last 4 months. I haven’t been able to drive so I am at home alone most days.

I am glad I found this site because my regular doctor thinks I may have diagnosed myself from the info here. I printed a bunch of the information and she actually read it all and is willing to work with me.

I’d like to know if the Inderal helps you. Maybe you could let me know.

Take care,

Hey Tamisha!
I am so sorry that you are feeling discouraged, which of course amplifies our MAV. Are you able t find another doctor? I am on a much higher dose of Nori along with 2 other DAILY preventatives. I am wondering why he didn’t add in another med or at least ramp up the nortriptalyne. I mean I am no doc, but I have been on 3 daily for about 3.5 years and am regulary at about 80% or more. I am not so careful about my triggers as much as I was in the beginning, but to avoid all my triggers, I would have to live in a dark empty cave…this is not possible, so here I am!! :mrgreen:
Also, do you have Heal Your Headache, by Dr. David Buchholz? If not get that and keep it by your bedside. I still refer to mine.
Hang in there! and remember you are not alone on this up and down journey!


Hi Tamsha,

Why did he say that 10 mg of Cipralex was a waste of time? It may be the agent that is holding you at 70% or it could be the Nori. Have you ever just been on one and not the other?

Also, Muppo is on 75 mg of Nori and that is her sweet spot for control. I wonder why he didn’t suggest boosting it another 25 mg as a possible strategy?

To send you back onto Topamax seems like he’s grasping at straws. What happened last time you were on it and how high was the dose?

Scott 8)

He isnt a big believer in SSRIs as preventatives. My GP prescribed the Cipralex because she thought anxiety was a trigger for me. I was also doing the same on the 50mg of nori as I was on 10mg - he thought if I didnt see even the smallest result on the 50 that an increase wouldnt make a difference. To be honest, I can’t remember the dosage of Topamax I was on as it was a year ago. I know I started small though and even on the smallest dose I couldnt seem to handle the side effects after 2 weeks. I’ve been keeping a journal since January of last year which helps. I havent seen an increase in the dizzies since I went down from 50 to 10 of the nori. Not sure what to do.