Im Back and need some help advice please?

Ive been managing the dizzys quite well its not gone away but it hadnt got worse but had got a bit better
Ive had dizziness 15 months its chronic (there every day) but I get episodes added on top which is making my life hell! I had tonsitlitis this week ( it may not be related )
But anyway my ear feels blocked intermintenly and is popping crackling etc tinnitus worsened.
Im not getting vertigo full on but I would say its mild vertigo and very bad on head movement the room keeps spinning and I feel really pressured in the head. I got diagnosed with VN and MAV last year btu could this be menieres or the start of it ? Does it last days like this without the full on spinning for hours .
Didnt want to be sat here writing this today but feel good awful . When I walk it feels like the room is taking ages to catch up with me and my ears not right at all please tell me what you think with your knowledge . I havent had it this bad since April . Thanks hope others on the forum are doing better xxxx

Sounds miserable.

Has anything changed in your life that you can correlate with this worsening? Weather, sleep, anything?

A much milder example, I got much better with very strict diet plus some meds, but from September on about once a month would lose it, while swimming. Couldn’t figure out what could possibly have started this, until I realized that I started taking swimming classes in September. Saw my neuro. He said don’t stop, didn’t tell me to try to forget/ignore what I’d learned, but said go a little easier swimming for a while. Then he asked if I wear goggles, and how tight they are. I said yes, and I have to keep them tight to keep the water out. He said get different ones; a friend of his had seizures because of too-tight goggles. Who would have figured? Just like other people on the board have identified all kinds of triggers I never would have imagined.

Gotta keep your chin up (or chins, in the cased of my friends who are very overweight).

I felt similar to this at this time last year and I was diagnosed with mav. Once I got my stress, diet and sleep in order plus a medication I felt much better. Hang in there.


I highly suspect the tonsillitis may be causing your increase in symptoms. The illness could be affecting your ear symptoms, which in turn could be increasing the vertigo. I suggest extra rest as you recover.

Be well,


Thankyou still not back to my 'normal ’ dizzys so hoping thios episode is over soon x