I'm back!

Hey everyone - after a month of taking a vacation, (well not really) I’m finally back. I also got a new screen name as well.

so here’s a brief update: Had a tilt table test - results were normal.

Also had a nasty migraine last week and then a day of vertigo followed after the headache - now I know for sure that all of my dizzy problems are migraine related.

Now here is a million dollar question - is there a way to reduce the rocky/boat 24/7 sort of feeling? I know when I get drunk, it’s a differen’t kind of dizziness and after the alcohol wears off, I go back to the rocky sensation.

also, anyone had any luck on Depakote? After my bad results with Topamax, I’m a little apprehensive trying this new drug.

Hi, Im on Depakote, have been on it for about 3 months now and it has helped me a lot. I could still be a lot better but I was almost bedbound before Depakote having almost daily vertigo/migraime attacks. It has really calmed my brain down a lot. I day give it a try. I also didn’t do well on topamax, but they are really nothing alike. The depokote did make me very tired in the beginning and still makes me a little sleepy now, I take it at night, good luck keep us updated.

Hi Rebecca -

Glad to hear from you! I’m so glad to hear that you’ve had really good results with Depakote - I also just got a PM from Lisa in Canada stating she also has really good results with Depakote. I ReALLY REALLY hope that depakote helps to relieve my symptoms, and I want to be myself again! How are your symptoms overall? Are you getting better? :slight_smile: