I'm curious how chocolate can be a trigger, if you eaten it all your life

I want to know how this can be a trigger if I’ve eaten it all my life and never had any problem with it. I’m just curoius if it really is an issue.

Certain foods that are high in tyramine may push you over the migraine ‘threshhold’ because tyramine has do something having to do with dilating blood vessels … or something like that I’m not sure. I"m trying to read the “Heal Your Headache” book to understand how foods interact. I love dairy but it seems to be a trigger for my migraine-state brain now… even more so than chocolate in my case. Bananas seem to be trigger as does caffeine and soy…at least for me. I eat a little yogurt for probiotics but no other dairy in the day and try limit my consumption of foods that make me feel weird for the night time!

Cocoa beans are fermented to make chocolate and chocolate also contains caffeine. Fermented foods and caffeinated foods are triggers.