I'm newly diagnosed ...

I’m newly diagnosed as having vestibular and face (eye) migraines. I felt like my Neurologist was being lazy. I have MS and have had vertigo for over 20 years. Sometimes so severe I’ve ended up in the ER 3x and once admitted for 3 days. Reading these stories, yes, I have migraines. I’ve just been not treated, then in denial. I have rescue medication that works 50/50 but leaves me vulnerable to falls. I have an extensive migraine food elimination list from my balance and hearing center. It feels pretty overwhelming. I am going to do the food elimination before I go on more medication. I realize that may be a poor choice. I don’t react well to most meds and would prefer to do as much as I can without added expense.

Welcome Katy, I’ve moved the bulk of your Post here as it is essentially an introduction to you.

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My vertigo is so bad, I’ve been using a walker for 5 months. I’ve just been introduced to the migraine diet. I do use resistance bands (Which can work as well as weights!) and walk as much as I can. Sometimes that’s only 1/4 mile. Then I have to lie down and cool back down. Temperature plays a huge role in my life since I also have MS.

Im sorry things are so tough for you Katy1.

I find pacing help with exercising ( and housework, outings - life generally). I push myself a little each day but make sure to take it easy afterwards.