So I have been having some better days. But always since Xmas eve I have been suffering with really bad imbalance. It seems to be a lot worse than before.other symptoms seem abit calmer, such as the migraines, but the imbalance feeling is so strong. I don’t get it never had inbalance that bad before. Any ideas anyone?

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I noticed my imbalance is worse when im laying down for extended period of time and it’s get better the longer i am upright through out the day. Especially when waking up, it’s more noticeable and dies down through out the day. Keep your head level up and see if it helps.

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I am the same @Young_Lee . After I am up and moving (albeit difficult at times), the imbalance will subside. It doesn’t necessarily go away… but subsides no less. I make myself keep very busy… my husband always wishes I would just sit down for a while because I make him nervous :sweat_smile:! It’s just what I must do. Stay on my feet.

Have you reduced your activity levels too low maybe, You may find the imbalance more noticeable as the other symptoms reduce. It just may seem more prominent because you are noticing it more MAV constantly morphs so it may just be you are just updating to the latest version. I found the imbalance hangs around longest and is first to ramp up when excited by any environmental change/food trigger. Walking outside helps. And, as I’m sure you already appreciate, the more you think of it, the worse it seems to become. On a very practical note you haven’t very recently starting wearing new shoes or some you haven’t worn for ages, or changed prescription glasses if you wear them. Helen

I have started wearing contact lenses every day when before I was wearing glasses. I’m more active now than before. The imbalance is definitely feeling worse than before I would say.

Try going back to the glasses. Eyes are balance. Helen

I’ve had this too where certain symptoms get better and overall I would say I feel better but my balance is worse. Its just part of the recovery process I think, specific symptoms may get worse but on average you would say things are getting better, albeit really slowly…


I forgot to add, so I live in Alaska and we had a big earthquake few weeks ago. I was at work and I had to ask my co-workers is that an earthquake because I feel like that sometimes internally and can’t distinguish between mini earthquakes and my symptoms.


i should also add one tends to focus on the imbalance more so when the head clears up…i can bet there were days i had a scrambled head and i could not care much about the imbalance…the better you get the smaller things come into focus…when your head is clear hit the repertoire of VRT exercises and it helps with the imbalance.


THIS. And in general, as symptoms clear, you focus more on those remaining.

I have just started wearing verifocal contacts that have made a difference with me (before I had two different prescriptions with one for reading and one for distance). I have also found that I must be sensitive to certain processed foods so eat as clean as I can. And as others have mentioned keep moving although this can be difficult at times

May I enquire, a difference you say. For the Better or worse? Helen

Sorry helen for the better. I have 6 months supply of my other ones that I haven’t worn as unable to tolerate

Well that is interesting as it’s the exact opposite of every theory I’ve come across, and that includes the advice on website. Just goes to show how individuals vary. Helen