[IMPORTANT] Understanding Private Messages vs (more public) Topics

A couple of you have recently responded to my Private Messages (between you and I) as if they were public: they are not!

So please understand that Topics with the Envelope at the Top Left mean that the Topic is actually a Private Message and not publicly viewable.


You can see participants in the Private Message in the summary area of the Original Post. It’s often just two people (but can be more).

Please do not reply to these Messages with Posts intended to be public because no-one else will be able to see them!

Instead, find a suitable existing public Topic on the main list (using search?) and reply to those to post. Or create a New Topic entirely using the button the home page.

Also, please check your Private Messages for responses, because in the case of these two users I have replied to them both, but not heard back! :sweat_smile: