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IMPORTANT: We are moving email service

Up til now we’ve been able to take advantage of a free email service at SparkPost.

Unfortunately, that product offering ceases to be available at the end of the month.

This requires an email service migration and the cost of running the site will go up marginally.

Please remind yourself on how this site is funded: via Amazon affiliation and direct donation:

  • I’m very grateful if anyone who wishes to purchase something on Amazon, arrives there by one of our links as we get a small kick-back for any purchases and that helps loads. You don’t need to buy one of the products shown.
  • Direct donations are even more helpful!

I’m working on it now. There may be disruption and downtime today.




Hi all, the migration is done but may have broken existing connections. You will probably need to log in again.

Along the way I also moved the site to but realised after doing so this blocked all connections via

The site has hardly been down all day (maybe max 30 mins), but this meant the site would have appeared for many to have disappeared.

Many technical forums posts read later, I’ve worked out a way for the site to be accessible by both.

Sorry for any inconvenience.