Improving after almost 3 years

Hi everyone it’s been a while since I visited as I’ve been living a life again … but I think it’s so important to come back and share for others at the start of this journey. I don’t know if I’m a success story just yet but after such a hard time with this crap I think this is a huge success for me. So I went to a night club last night , I drove there stayed up late had caffeine all things that trigger me usually and yet I was FINE I didn’t even think much about my symptoms.

I still get daily symptoms my worst of all derealisetoon BUT it’s so much better than it was and I can do most things these days. I’m coming up to my third year with this , and I’d say I’m 75% most days I will always have to be mindful but that’s fine I accept I have a chronic condition and I’m ok with that .

I’m not saying it’s going to take you 3 years to improve BUT I want people to know that if like me you aren’t seeing improvements after months or even a year in please know that it can take time . We are all so different but the brain is a slow healer and id say I only noticed big changes after around 18 months . I tried many meds and finally stuck with venlfaxine however I will be lowering this dose soon and hope to come off . I have realised the reason there aren’t lots of success stories here is because people are scared to jinx themselves and also they just don’t want to revisit such a dark time in their life but so many of you here helped me so much I will always pop back to update you all. Anyways hope this helps someone :blush::muscle:t3::heart:


Good to hear you are managing to get some quality back into your life. So many stories here just peter out. Most probably for one or the other of the reasons you state. Future comers will appreciate being able to read some sort of closure although we all have to realise every post is just a snapshot in time. Just to further complete the record what dose of Venlafaxine and how long did it take you to get to your current level of improvement. Helen


Yes everything is a snap shot in time , I’m on 150mg but didn’t notice any difference from 75-150 so will be coming down on the dose gradually and eventually off meds . :slight_smile:


I think everyone will feel better over time. My dizziness all started nearly 7 years ago and 3 years after it started I got my diagnosis. The last four years once I started the diet and the meds have been brilliant. I’m feeling bad now but definitely not as bad as I did in them first 3 years. I can’t go up on my nortriptyline anymore as it’s giving me heart issues so Dr S has added on a new med I’ll hopefully start this week.

What I wanted to say was there is life once you get control of this. In the past 4 years since I felt nearly 100% I’ve had a baby, got married, bought a house, I’ve even been back to college and had a career change! You will all get better, just takes time.



Great news you are doing well.

It took me 3 years too.

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So good to hear good news for those of us still struggling. thank you !

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