Increased breast size and nortriptyline

Hi ladies,

Nortriptyline does state a side effect of increased breast size in both men and women. I do notice lately, they are a little fuller.
I read online a few people saying the same thing, but one guy had breast cancer. He was talking about a link. I hope not, it runs in
my family. Never heard of this before, so they are probably just specualating. So…

Ladies on Nort… have you seen an increase?

** And I have not gained weight so this cant be it.


that is just great.

i just increased my nortryptiline to 175mg 4 days ago.

i wasn’t exactly Brad Pitt before going on this med…if i have to start wearing my wife’s bras, i am jumping off the closest bridge i can find :?


Omgosh, your posts crack me up. Its nice to see thru all this madness that you still have a sense of humor!