Increased vertigo in dark spaces

Does anyone here experience a slight increase of vertigo when they are in dimmer places? I find that as I am walking outside in daylight I feel the vertigo is less vs when I am I’m my house or at some parts of work when rooms are dimmer.

Vertigo or dizziness?

I did, during the time things were bad. I think it comes from an overdependence on the eyes, when the brain switches some of its reliance on ears to eyes.

Vertigo. I rarely get dizziness as a symptom of VM. Yes you might be right…I wonder if I do my vestibular exercises in the dark, my ears will learn better

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I get more vertigo innthe dark always, even when I’m highly functional. There is a vision issue for me for sure. All my VT was vision-related.

This makes perfect sense because vision is one of the senses your brain uses for balance. When visual cues are less clear (because of darkness), the problems with your vestibular system become more evident. It’s like weakening one leg of a 3 legged stool, and it starts to wobble a bit.


How did you find out your vertigo was vision related?

It’s not so much “finding out that vertigo is vision related” or that someone “might be right”… they are right. The balance system relies on three major systems; the eyes, the ears, and the muscles of the body. When the vestibular system is compromised (with VM/MAV/BPPV etc) then the balance system relies more on the other two but mainly vision. So when you are in darkness, the eyes cannot see as much so the balance goes weaker. This is textbook balance 101 from every source you could possibly mention and is not speculation or opinion but rather: fact.

You must love to dissect everyone’s words and correct them. You should chill out a bit

I know I have very pronounced visual vertigo, bright lights, especially flashing ones, fast moving action on screens, and my vertigo or balance issues are worse indoors and especially in supermarkets. I can feel ok on the walk to the shop and yet my symptoms increase massively once inside. When I’m outside again the symptoms subside.

I haven’t noticed they get worse in the dark though. I can balance easily on one leg or with my feet in line behind each other, but doing it with eyes closed is far more challenging.

My dizziness is worse in darkness if i use the bathroom at night, for example. But not in dim light,such as with curtains drawn. I put this down to the fact that we use our eyes as part of our sense when moving about and if we can’t see well, we rely on our other sense, including balance. But since that’s screwed up by dizziness, without good sight it’s harder to navigate.