Inflatable mattress?

Hi, has anyone ever had issues with an inflatable mattress? I’ve just experienced my 2nd bout of vertigo after sleeping (or trying to sleep) on an inflatable mattress. The first time i ascribed it to something else. Now looking back, it seems like it was probably the unsteadiness of the bed which set me off. I have such a bizarre list of triggers!

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If you have any sensitivity to lying down horizontally, I would have thought inflatable mattresses were to be avoided at all cost …

I can understand inflatable beds being a problem! I can’t even walk in those lovely, comfortable memory foam shoes! I fall all over the place like a drunk - and hav’nt touched a drop for years :sleepy:

I realized last night that it is probably just like being on a boat, which i always have issues with. I was once diagnosed with Mal de Debarquement Syndrome which is a vestibular migraine variant where people feel unstable for days or even longer after being on the water. Air mattresses and probably waterbeds seem the same - no stability at all over a long period of time. One moee trigger to avoid!