Info for UK users . Hope this helps!

Hi guys
Just wanted to post and say if you’ve been suffering for more than 12 weeks with diagnosed un- compensated labs/ VN etc please get yourself reffered to a neuro-otlogist who specialise in balance disorders and do the full range of inner ear testing.
The are four main hospitals in the UK who specialise in these disorders and you can be reffered to any hospital of your choice under patient choice . Im going to list the hospitals below so if your are still suffering after 12 weeks you can get the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Ive listed three here that I know the details of and all of these accept private appoinments aswell as NHS appoinments.

Proffesor linda luxon The national hospital queens square London 0845 155 5000 ext 723385
Leicester Royal Infirmary Medical centre in Infirmary Square 0116 254 1414.
Dr SS Surenthiran Medway Maritime hospital Kent 01634 830 000

Dr SS Surenthiran takes a specialist interest in MAV aswell.

Hope this helps someone Good luck xx

Hi UK,
To add to the great info Blondie posted for the UK , I just wanted to add that Doctor Surenthiran also sees private patients at the Bexley Heath Hospital every other Friday.
Good luck ,