Inro and Questions

I have been suffering with migraines for the past 20 yrs (I am 28 now). My migraines normally are your more commonly known ones where I have horrible, debilitating pain on one side of my head lasting anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days. Most of the time their is nausea and/or vomitting involved. I can’t do anything but lay in bed, in the dark, in the quite, with a warm cloth on my head. I pretty much dope myself on drugs. I will take both motrin and tylenol to help eleviate the pain.

Recently, back in Feb., I have started having horrible dizzy spells where, I couldn’t see straight, or stand up right, I also become very irritable, and really exhausted. But there was no real head pain. I also am very sensitive light and it just plain hurts for me to see. I cannot explain it but just looking hurt. I was in the hospital for a day last week, because the dizziness was so debilitating. They did a CT Scan, ran a whole bunch of blood tests, heart tests, and xrays, and everything came back normal. They gave me some meds for the nausea, antivert for the dizziness, and then motrin for my headache (which I kept telling them I didn’t have one), or so I didn’t think. They just assumed i did because I was sensitive to light and couldn’t keep my eyes open (I guess). Anyhow, they just dx me with BPPV, and sent me home. i felt better the next day but the following started to get worse again. Over the weekend I kept not feeling quite right. Well, my pcp sent me to a nuerologist, who was competely useless. He asked me a few questions (none of which had anything to do with my migraines), and then did some in house tests of my reflexes. And said i was fine and had BPPV and there was nothing else wrong with me. He did nothing else. And said there was no reason to see him again. I think that is odd. You would think that with all of the problems associated with vertigo out there he would want to do some tests to rule things out. (Hey what do I know, I am not the doc :slight_smile:

Since no one seems to know what is wrong with I have started doing research on the web and finally came across this site. And I would bet this is my problem. I started to get dizzy again today and just not feeling well. I took my antivert and I am now getting a physical migraine. I plan to discuss this with my doc tomorrow to see what he has to say about this. I would just like an answer so this can get controlled. Thanks for “listening”. If anyone can help direct me in the right path to trying to get this dx that would be wonderful. I still don’t understand about all of this but if anyone can tell me how to go about learning more that would be fantastic.

Thanks, Holly :smiley: