Insomnia and Heart Flutters

Does anyone suffer from insomnia. Since the menopause this has been getting worse and worse, I am literally awake until 3 or 4 in the morning.
Along with this has come heart palpitations.
I want to choose a preventative. Have read “heal your headache” and he says one preventative is better than another for certain symptoms. What could I get to cure the insomnia and use as a preventative. Any ideas. Tried amytryptyline, it made me so zonked out, woke with a bad head every morning.

What do you mean by “zonked out”? Cognitive problems or did it turn you into a zombie? (Maybe Scott should put together a glossary of terms for us … including explanations for walking-on-a-waterbed, zonked out, zombie, etc.! He could get it published & make lots of money!)

When I was on Topamax AND Effexor I was like a zombie - not just tired but zoned out (there’s another term for our glossary!!). After stopping the Effexor I felt like I’d just woke up from a long bad dream. The Amitriptylin has made me tired in the mornings … I’ve been sleeping late on Saturdays for the first time in years. I think maybe I’m adjusting to that though because it’s not been as bad as in the beginning with Ami. My neuro wants me to up the dose from 10 mg to 20 mgs but I think I’ll stay where I am for a while & see if it’s enough to help.

Did you have “heart flutters” before you started the Ami? Have you tried Ambien for insomnia? It sounds like you’re trying to find one drug to help with all your symptoms … and there may very well be one that does just that. I’ve been told any of the anti-depressants could make you tired. In my opinion there’s a difference between being tired (all the time) & getting help with sleeping.

What about Melatonin? Have you tried that? My husb & I both use it before bed & I think it helps us stay asleep once we get there. Too much causes me to have nightmares though.

I have pretty bad insomnia at times. I won’t complain too much, because I know people suffer more with it than me, but still… I very rarely have trouble falling asleep in the evening; usually wake up between 1:30-3 am, go to the bathroom, and fall asleep easily again. However, when I wake up next time, which is always between 4:40-5:30, I usually sleep really badly after that, pretty much every day… which sucks! It’s probably med induced, and even though I (or we, me and my doc) have thrown sleeping meds etc. at it, it doesn’t get much better.

I’m hoping to get better from this when coming off (or is it “if”? I’m starting to wonder) Remeron and amitriptyline… My personal hypothesis is that I have just fine serotonin/noradrenaline levels natually, or even high ones, and that the meds are throwing me into overdrive. The lowest heart rate I’ve measured recently is 78, and that was a one off. 85-105 is common for me just sitting here at the computer.
The fact that I (again, personal hypothesis, unfortunately) suffered from Serotonin syndrome - Wikipedia from adding yet another serotonin-acting medication back in Sep '08 strengthens this hypothesis a lot, in my eyes, because that’s when the 5am insomnia began.

Um, a bit of rambling here that’s not really relevant to 99.9% of the people reading this… But still.
As for what preventative, I’m not sure. The TCAs (some of them, at least) are usually the ones used with insomnia as a comorbidity. Beta blockers can both help and cause insomnia (cause because they block melotonin release, help because they (can) cause fatigue… I guess?), and I’m not very home on the neuronal stabilizers (aka. antiepileptics) or calcium channel blockers, or any other class for that matter.

Oh! Pizotifen definitely helps sleep, but I don’t remember where you’re from. :slight_smile: If you’re not in the US chances are you could try that. It’s a sedating antihistamine/antiserotonergic medication used specifically for migraine prevention.

I tried sanomigran years ago and it didnt help the heads and I was so knocked out, I was getting that “paralyzed sleep” thingy, horrible. Propanalol was OK until after 40 mg when I got bad insomnia and loose bowels!

My cortisol runs high I believe. I have taken the saliva 4 x a day test and it was always high at bedtime. I had an ACTH test at the hospital and it went over the range when injected.

Heart rate, like you, I can easily be over 100 just moving around slowly, especially in the morning. Resting can be quite low though, around 65 to 70. Blood pressure is on the low side.

Sounts like my best bet is another trycilic antidepressent, I have a friend who is doing well on cipralex, but I believe that is an SSRI, tried them in the past and gave me continuos migraine (was interested to see that was mentioned in the heal your headache book)

I am in the UK.