Insomnia and Nort

So somehow developed insomnia past few months, sure I’m stressed but it seems like my brain is just constantly Irratated with MAV. Have just few hours sleep a night now. It seems to have got progressively worse since I switched from Ami to Nort back in October. On 70mg now and it hasn’t really done a thing but stop the groggy mornings I’d get from Ami.

Shoot, that’s too bad, insomnia was one of my main complaints with MAV as well. Exercise helps me sleep now, but when MAV was really bad exercise would make insomnia worse for some reason. Have you tried exercise or CBD? On occasion Diphenhydramine (Z-Quill) would help. I guess something like Trazedone would be a no-go if you are on a tricyclic.

Nort causes insomnia. Thats why i switched to Amitriptyline.

Yeah it sucks I guess Nort opposite to Ami then although even Ami couldn’t stop my insomnia last year.
Back to the drawing board I think with meds I’m over Nort it’s clearly not working infact possiblely even making me worse.

you had insomnia on Ami :open_mouth: !!! When I was on 20mg I slept like a log !

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i had to take quetiapine (very low dose, 12.5mg) for like three weeks to break the insomnia cycle. I had pretty bad insomnia.

Glad you found a way to break cycle. I used to sleep like a log on 20mg for 4 years then just changed.
Few cans of beer sometimes helps me but not ideal :blush:

Im suffering with insomnia as I read your post. So I empathize with you. Up since 3:30 am with a headache. I have slacked off on my exercise the last few months. I just can’t get myself to the gym or at least out walking. I am definitely going to try to force myself to walk at least 30 minutes everyday to see if that will help. I know when I was out walking during the summer I did sleep better. I am not on any meds like Ami or Nort but I have an appointment with my doctor at the end of January to discuss meds.

At least 30 minutes!! The longer the better.

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With MAV I think it’s anxiety causing insomnia. All the uncertainty prays on the subconscious mind even in people (like me) not normally subject to such things. Being out in the fresh air helps. Helen

Sorry to hear your struggling with insomnia too it can be a lonely place. If you see your doctor hopefully they’ll suggest something like Ami it helped me for years. Also reading has always been good for me just stopped working recently.
Helens right anxiety can certainly cause insomnia it’s a viscous circle if you start becoming anxious about falling asleep.

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Also unfortunately the position of lying down and turning at night can bring on symptoms. These can wake you up. I found triple pillows (two then one under the upper back) is a good plan to help keep the head up but you can fall off them. Ami also helped me dampen those sensations.

Definitely had nights where anxiety was an issue, especially when you worry about not getting enough of it, but overwhelmingly not an anxiety problem for me. I can always fall asleep for the first few hours, then comes the waking up / restlessness. Mostly its just head pressure, weird eye movement, neck pain, and pulsating sensations in the head that keep me from sleeping well.

Same, if I fall asleep ok I often wake up few hours later, like somesones shined a flash light in my face.

Weird, yeah I would describe it just like that - a flashlight. And my eyes sometimes feel like they are stuck in the sockets with glue when I wake up.