Okay - this is me going crazy. Day 3 of hardly any sleep. First night 2 hours, last two nights 4 hours. I’m a walking zombie and I KNOW a migraine will surface again today - does every day I dont sleep. I have a prescription for a sleeping pill but it is having NO effect. I am on no other meds but thinking of going back to the doctor on Tuesday and asking for the Ami back. The emotional side effects of that drug sucked but it sure made me sleep. I’ve done everything else possible to try and have a sleep filled night but NOTHING IS WORKING. I’m exhausted and dont know what more to do.

Hi Tamsha,

Sorry to hear about your insomnia, there’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night when you’re just soooo tired.

In terms of taking more drugs to make you sleep then it’s important that you take the right drugs and you should probably discuss this with your doc or do some serious research. Not all drugs that knock you out for the night give you good quality sleep, you can therefore sleep for nine hours and still feel exhausted. I was on Pizotifen for a while which knocked me out cold for about ten hours a night, but then I was still soo tired when I woke that it was like I’d not slept at all. I got put onto pregabalin for it’s positive effect on restless legs and sleep quality and I now feel so much more awake in the morning.

Any idea what’s triggered the insomnia? have you started taking any new medication or supplements?. I had awful insomnia with Topiramate and that was one of the reasons I had to get off it in the end.


How long and how often were you taking the sleep med, and how recently did you quit taking it? I’m not looking for the answers to these questions, but if you were taking it a little to regularly, and just quit you may be experiencing the equivalent of withdrawal from the med.

I know this may seem like an obvious, but I have worked tech support before and was required to ask, “Did you turn the _____ on?” Seemed obvious, but we occasionally got the customer that had their ____ off. So I’ve learned to ask the obvious questions that get overlooked. Anyway, I hope you are able to figure it out, and get a good nights sleep.

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