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Instant ear pressure on sitting up in bed?

Hello everyone

Lately I’ve been having quite a bit of ear pressure and migraine symptoms. I was wondering does anybody have ear pressure (mine only in one ear) on sitting up in bed? I could feel there were a fluid type feeling in my left ear last night but this morning and a couple of other mornings I’ve had this immediate ear pressure upon sitting up in bed and then it waxed and wanes throughout the day.

Thank you :blush:

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I wouldn’t worry about it, might be ET not equalising pressure perfectly.

I had a fluid sensation from the first day of issues for around 3 years or so, which decreased steadily until it vanished.

From time to time after exercise or when it’s hot I feel like there’s excess fluid in my middle ear and I can hear my voice inside my ear for a couple of minutes, then it clears.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Unfortunately the body isn’t always perfect at regulating itself. Thing is we spend most of our lives blissfully unaware of the miracle of how it all works and only notice when things are not completely running smoothly :).

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Thank you James, that seems to be one thing that’s sticking around, that and my eyes are so out of focus and bits of writing are missing and blurry, this has been going on for a good 12 days now. I’m having trouble seeing writing and making things out. I guess the ears and the eyes are closely related huh? Damn MAV! :roll_eyes:

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