Interesting clinic

I found this video, I know that I never went through such tests. Has anyone gone to a clinic similar to this one.


Interesting video Steve. Thanks for the link … that doc looks like he really knows his stuff. Wish he could have said more about migraine which might have been medication and the use of some of those machines. S

Yeah, I guess your right Scott. It seems more like an ad for the Doctor’s clinic than anything. I thought the machines looked pretty cool though.


I agree: infomercial.

No driving simulators available at any hospital in the country?

As for running in place, maybe one of these days I’ll try that in the pool. I do find that standard BPPV-type repositioning routines help settle me down–for driving, among other activities. Am I relocating homeless crystals with the ones that involve head movement? If so, they wander again.