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I usually don’t read sites like this one (and even in this case, the linked page is the only one I’ve read), but I found this pretty interesting. Some things are (according to many) slightly wrong, but the main idea is right.

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The mean number of foods causing symptoms was 10 per patient (range, 1 to 30). The foods most frequently causing symptoms and/or pulse changes were wheat (78%), orange (65%), egg (45%), tea and coffee (40% each), chocolate and milk (37% each), beef (35%), corn, cane sugar and yeast (33% each), mushrooms (30%), and peas (28%). When the offending foods were avoided, all patients improved. The number of headaches in the group fell from 402 to 6 per month, with 85% of the patients becoming headache free.

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In one study, a five-hour glucose tolerance test was performed on 74 patients who experienced migraines in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Six patients (8%) were classified as diabetic and 56 (76%) had a pattern consistent with reactive hypoglycemia (a large drop in blood sugar after a meal). Following dietary therapy with a low-sucrose, six-meal regimen, all patients with a diabetic glucose curve and 56% of those with reactive hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) had an improvement of greater than 75% in the frequency and severity of migraines.

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I do get migraines in the mid-afternoon (they almost always begin between 2.30PM and 4PM!), and when I do, I have a feeling of low blood sugar. Plus, I’ve confirmed several times that I often do get blood sugar drops during those times!

Thanks Tran,

I do eat some of those things because they are OKd on the Buchholz diet. I’ll remove them for awhile and see what happens.

Hey, what’s a few more items on the off list - I can do it - I’m on Topamax, i have no appetite anyway :wink:

Really, thanks Tran, it’s all worth knowing,