Interesting lady with some tips worth trying

I found this site and thought I’d share it with you all.
She sounds like a very clever lady.
it deals with many things , one of them being migraine, I’ll put a link to the web page for tips on migraines, She suggests trying things such as cayen pepper and also a “sinusbusting nasal spray” during migraine, she says it helps.
There’s a lot of research on thyriod treatment ect’ as well
here is the link


Hi Jen,

Thanks for the link. I wish I could knock out this migraine crap with a thyroid pill! This definitely highlights the need to make sure that there aren’t underlying medical problems that could be triggering a migraine reaction.

I’m being a pedantic fuss pot I know and you can beat me up for my comments :lol: but she says two things I don’t quite agree with. She mentions that her thyroid problem “caused” her migraine. It’s really easy to think this way but I think it’s correct to say it was a trigger. She has a migraine brain and this particular thyroid problem didn’t go down with her brain well at all. No doubt there are others with thyroid problems who do not suffer migraine because they are not predisposed.

She also throws the word “toxins” out there suggesting aspartame is toxic. There is no solid evidence to suggest this is so at the levels used commercially. However, it is a migraine trigger for many (I avoid it) and should be avoided by most. Most things can be toxic if we have too much of it. Hell, it’s even possible to drink too much water and die. It’s happened to some people although they were probably on the drug ecstasy. She also says to “detox” ourselves of heavy metals saying heavy metal toxicity is a major cause. Again, I’ve never heard this before nor seen evidence for there being a toxic state in a migraineur brought on by meavy metal toxicity.

S :slight_smile:

interesting. thanks. Funny i was told to take Eve. Primrose oil to help with menopause and i just haven’t - scared of supplements even but maybe i’ll try it. A woman at work said it helped her get through menopause. maybe there is something to it.

I thought my thyroid was bad too but my bloodwork showed it okay - yeah!
and my Vit D is fine too


I came across the cayenne pepper recommendation a few months back. I gave it a try and guess what? Cayenne pepper is a TRIGGER for me. I contaminated a week’s worth of food that I prepared for an elimination diet with it! After two days of chicken, broccoli, and quinoa with cayenne added for taste, I was worse than before. I tested the cayenne two other times to make sure that is what made me sick, and it appears it was. Just one more example of how we are all different. Ugh! Why can’t I find a simple solution in something like cayenne pepper!

That sucks Marci,
The things we have tired hey? :shock:
I agree Scotty, we’ve either got the gene or not, I’d say other illnesses are triggers.
As you know I’m on a calorie controlled diet, and wish like hell I could use a sugar sub, as in soda, buying water at the movies is no fun, just dosnt feel right!


Jen, I don’t much care the way it tastes, but the sugar sub stevia doesn’t seem to trigger me.

Hey David,
I remember stevia from many years ago, it’s ok, and yes I think it has a burnt taste to it.
There’s a low GI sugar in woolworths now, I think I’m gonna give it a go.
hate this shitty carb counting, it’s hard.

thanks David.
jen x