Interesting paper on long term benzo use

I tried to attach the paper as a PDF, but the size is too large.

It can be read here:



Thanks for posting Sarah. Love seeing others digging through the science literature. Not something you see on other forums. Just a bunch of geeks at mvertigo eh? :lol:

I fixed it up for you and will have a read later.

Scott 8)

I do intend to read the article… but can someone quickly explain what a Benzo is? :roll:

Hi Richy,

Benzo = benzodiazapene. This includes drugs such as Valium (diazepam) and Klonopin (clonazepam).


Is Ativan a benzo?

Yup. Ativan = lorazepam

All of these drugs come from the same family but with different half lives and slightly different effects. But overall, they are anxiety killers and work very well for partially controlling MAV symptoms.

I will be interested to here others interpretation of the research. While some of the medical jargon is above me…I think I need to read it again with a more careful eye. If it indeed does show no ill effect, I’m toting this to my doc. appt on the 18th!