Internal tremors

I’ve been on propranolol and pizofiten for a few months now. My dizziness problems are generally much improved at the moment, but my normal headache migraines aren’t really, which leads me to conclude that my MAV is perhaps just in the better part of a cycle rather than it being an improvement due to the medication? I’m not sure. I think it’s very hard to judge whether medication is beneficial or not when you have a condition that waxes and wanes by itself anyway. The only way I could be sure would be if my balance problems totally disappeared, which they haven’t unfortunately. However, I am thankful to be feeling fairly ok at the moment, and managing day-to-day life (with a few modifications).

My question is about a new symptom which is that I have some kind of internal tremor. I’ve noticed it at night time for about a month now, although today I also felt like it during the day. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s like I am shaking rapidly, but I can’t see any evidence of it on the outside. Is that a possible migraine symptom, or could it be a side effect of my medication, or is it something else or just nothing?? (For info, I don’t have any other health conditions other than BPPV and MAV, I don’t suffer from any anxiety or stress problems, and I am a non-smoker, normal weight etc.)

Thanks for your help.

I have had the nightly internal tremors on and of for 4 months now and I remember to have read elsewhere that it’s not an uncommon symptom of MAV. When I started nortriptyline 2 months ago it dissapeared for a while (maybe because the medicine knocked me out at night and I was too sedated to notice) but it has started to pop up again once in a while.

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While it’s good to see I"m not alone, I feel for you guys that have the internal tremors. Mine started about a year and a half ago, and I feel them in the mornings upon awakening. Same thing…nothing on the outside, all inside. I have been told it is anxiety related. Since anxiety is a major componant of MAV, I am guessing it is part of the whole thing. I hate it and it starts my mornings off crappy when I get it, as it lends itself to my being more anxious. Not my fave way to start the day for sure. I have had mornings where I didn’t have it since starting meds, but’s it’s hit and miss…
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I’ve experienced the same kind of tremor that Kelley is describing, but I am certain it is anxiety as I’ve experienced it prior to MAV (I’ve had anxiety issues for a long time). It is almost always in the morning, right upon waking up.

i get tremors off and on and have for many years. the shaking has gotten worse for me right now because of anxiety. A lot of times its worse in the morning.

many years ago during allergy seasons i got the shakes real bad too.


I get it at night, whilst falling asleep, sometimes I can get many episodes going on through the night. With me, this only started when the hormones went down. I went on a menopause board and hundreds of women get it when their hormones drop. Internal jitteriness is how I describe it.


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Thanks everyone. I’m sorry you all have it too, but it’s kind of reassuring to know I’m not alone and that it’s not anything sinister. I don’t feel at all anxious at the moment (in fact because my dizziness is in a fairly good spell at the mo, if anything I am more relaxed than I have been for the last year) but it’s definitely related to tiredness, as I get it at night before I fall asleep, and also yesterday I felt rather under the weather and had it happen in the day too. Today I feel much better and I’ve not had it during the day so far, so that’s good.
Christine - that’s really interesting about the hormones, as I’ve been wondering if I was entering the very early stages of the menopause, as I’ve started to have a couple of other symptoms.

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Ignorant question: is this sense of internal tremors associated with heart racing?

It’s not an ignorant question, but this may be an ignorant answer! I thought my heart was racing, as it felt like palpitations, but when I felt my pulse, it was normal.

Yes, I can get the heart racing too, I try to find my pulse when this is happening and cant :shock:


— Begin quote from “cmoc”

I try to find my pulse when this is happening and cant :shock:


— End quote

I sometimes have trouble finding mine, in the pool–and I know I bring my heart rate up way too high during some strokes, so it’s important to me to check. My best luck, when I couldn’t feel it at my wrist, used to be over the carotid, but lately right over or below the heart is easiest.

Thanks David, I cant feel it over the heart either, I just feel this almost rippling effect the beats are running into one another, quite frightening but it only lasts for seconds.


It is interesting that you mentioned internal tremors, because it is one of my main symptoms. I think they are one of the worst symptoms for me. When I am dizzy, I want to sit still, but the tremors won’t let me!

I also get tremors. At first I thought I was having a zeisure of some kind. My cheek and eye go right foot up to my knee then I start to spin ears buzz. I have difficulty walking ear pain sensitive hearing. Stagger. With pressure drops windy weather I am at my worst.I live in Alberta Canada so I never feel good. I also suffer from extreme motion sickness. I take nortriptline it helps a bit with the tremors and a little motion sickness. It took three years to diagnose mav.most family Dr think your kookie.I had to finally see the right specialists and had many tests. I have bad damage in my right ear. My life is in a very unbalanced state.I am glad for these forums. Thanks all I appreciate all the great advice