Introducing a general advisory about "alternative" or "unproven" treatments that go against standard of care?

It is a recurring theme on this site that “alternative” therapies are suggested and even implied as superior over legitimate, time-tested treatment plans.

I think it would be helpful for new users to the site to see comments “flagged” for promoting ‘alternative’ therapies that go against standard of care, especially care that is done under naturopathic, chiropractic, or otherwise require the financial investment of the patient to reap the benefit of purported ‘treatment’

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We have an "Alternative" Treatments sub-category - it would be a good idea if all Topics that fall into that Category were put there. I wonder if that makes it clear enough?

However, I wonder if we need a tag just in case it’s something that might occur in other places?

Unfortunately, Tags and Categories are Topic level.

Are you suggesting a Post level solution @sheepdog_lord to capture the occasion when only a single post needs to be sign-posted?

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basically yes, and ideally moderator tagged. I’ve been seeing this happening on new user diaries

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Let me research if that’s possible. I like the idea. :+1:

What we could do is use the Flag tool for users to raise the issue to “Moderators” and then have a staff level solution to colour/mark the Post.

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