Hi, my name’s Chris and I’m 48 and I’ve just found this forum after years of contributing to the Meniere’s Disease Uk forum. I’ve had symptoms for over 10 years - namely, vertigo, dizziness, right-sided headache, disequilibrium, problems with bright lights etc. Up till now I’ve believed I had atypical Meniere’s - well that’s what I’ve been told by ENTs and I don’t have hearing loss.

Currently, I’m not on any meds - I find the drugs prescribed for the dizziness very unhelpful and leave me feeling like I’m a zombie. Daily, I have dizziness, mild to moderate headaches, positional dizziness especially when bending or lying down, a constant feeling of motion or rocking etc. I have tried many many months of VRT - with little success. I have been trying to match my symptoms to MAV and I think they fit pretty well. What do others think?

I’m thinking of getting a private neurology opinion but I need to go armed with as much information as I can so I don’t get fobbed off. Reading some of the contributions on the forum, it seems as though migraine treatment shows mixed success.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Christina

Welcome to the forum.

The diagnosis of atypical Menieres is an ENT thing - neurotologists don’t diagnose it and the symptoms are thought to be that of a migraine variant. Is there any possibility you can see a neurotologist - the real dizzy specialists?

You are right that migraine treatment shows mixed success - some find the right treatment for them immediately and others require trials of many medications to get there - I have trialled over 15 myself but have eventually been successful in finding something that helps me get on with life.


What you describe sounds similiar to what I experience from day to day. I could add quite a few sypmtoms though.

Regarding seeing a neurologists, not all of them have heard of MAV or even silent migraines locally. I don’t know what you have availible in the UK. I had to search for a while before I found a doctor that was able to give me a “possible” diagnosis of MAV.

thanks for your replies. I am currently seeing what a course of craniosacral therapy might do before trotting off to the neuros - anything to avoid the drugs I guess. Is head pressure another symptom - at the moment I get this a lot, that, and neck stiffness too?