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Hello all, I have been struggling with what I thought was Meniere’s disease for about two years now. I went to see a specialist recently who thought my symptoms pointed more toward vestibular migraines. He recommend this forum and suggested that I read through other’s accounts to see if they match my own. I look forward to learning as much as possible and sharing where I can.


And we look forward to hearing what conclusion you reach as a result of your reading. Hope you got plenty of time because there’s plenty to take in.

Just the one thought though. Sure I must be reading your post wrongly. Surely it cannot mean ‘your specialist’ is expecting you to make your own diagnosis. No, surely not. I guess he’s anticipating you’ll find a Vestibular Migraine diagnosis after two years of being told it was Menieres a bit difficult to get your head around? Please reassure me this is the case. Enjoy your read. I’m sure you’ll find it informative. Helen

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Hi Helen, your latter assumption is correct. I’ve had a history of migraines that have been severe enough to cause stroke like symptoms, but never dizziness. I was having trouble believing they could cause the extreme bouts of vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus I was experiencing. However, my bouts of vertigo often shared the same triggers as my migraines (light sensitivity, stress, overstimulation). So it makes sense I guess.

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Welcome Boaz!
Indeed you will no doubt scour the site and use that search facility for anything that pops into your head…I still do very regularly. The Vestibular Migraine diagnosis means you will have potentially more questions than answers unfortunately. As Dr Hain says “it’s a wastebasket diagnoses” that encompasses many, many symptoms that the medical community doesn’t have causes defined. Speaking of Hain, take a look over at his website also for some fantastic information. Migraine associated vertigo -- Vestibular Migraine