Ipad issues & update

I hope all is well, or improving for everyone, I haven’t managed to login for ages as I am still having trouble with my iPad, which I thought Helen @onandon and James @turnitaround had sorted for me. Alas it is not to be and although I can now logon and can see the home screen, I can’t get into any of the posts. Very frustrating.

For those of you on Pizotifen - not many I know - I am now down to 1 x 0.5mg per day, which seems to be going reasonably well although by the end of the day I have ear pressure and screaming tinnitus. There have been many air pressure changes so I am hoping the ear pressure is down to that.

I am currently seeing a Chiropractor re a chronic lower back issue - unconnected with MAV - and have high hopes that he will be able to sort it out! I was a little nervous about going as I didn’t want anything to upset the current health status quo, but it has been fine so far after one visit. Fingers crossed! Jan

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