Irregular ENG test possible for MAV?

I was being treated for Meniere’s, and had tests last year with ENG tests and was told I had the low frequency inner ear hearing loss. Is this something that can occur to MAV patients? I have some MAV symptoms, most notably the constant rocking sensation. I’m not sure what I have, but I do know that the Meniere’s treatments - low sodium diet, diuretic, oral steroid, and steroid shot in ear, have not worked at all.

I am also being treated for anxiety. I went on and off zoloft a couple of times. I think my dizziness felt better when on it, but at that time I wasn’t even thinking that it could help because I felt I had Meniere’s. My ENT made me get off of the zoloft because he thought it prevented vestibular compensation.


I am curious about the low freq. hearing loss and MAV as well. I was tested for Menieres and they told me about the low freq. and menieres connection. None of them have suggested Mav but I wonder. I see you say you have rocking sensations. Are you lightheaded as well or is it pretty much the same feeling? What are your other symptoms? Do you have any problems with flourescent lighting? Has the diet worked at all?


I’m not sure about lightheaded, but unsteady at times. Mostly it’s the constant feeling of rocking that gets worse as the day progresses. I also have tinnitus. I do not have any loss of hearing as far as I can tell. I do not have the drop attacks of Meniere’s also. That is the primary reason why I questioned the dx of my ENT.

All of the treatment I’ve done in the last 18 months have been geared around Meniere’s, so I haven’t tried any specific Migraine diet. Although my Meniere’s diet is restrictive as well, and I don’t think it would be much different than the MAV one. I went to an allergist and cut out a LOT of stuff as a result also. I’m going to get that Healing Your Headache book today and read the recommendations there.

If I do have MAV, is it correct to to see a Neurologist? My ENT is a neuro ENT (I think it’s neurotologist), but I am not sure if Migraines are his specialty, and if he is aware of all of the treatment options.

I’m not sure who is the go-to guy here. I’ve been going to an ENT, but that was for Meniere’s. He just had me on a low sodium diet. I then went to an ENT allergist who determined I was reacting to certain foods. She has recently referred me to an Neurotologist!
I’ll be honest it appears because this dizziness that I have can’t be seen physically most physicians just seem to be eliminating everything else. I’m not sure if I have Menieres or Mav, but I do know that I am dizzy almost daily. What gets me is that I have never heard of this before and many people seem afflicted by it. I’m glad that this website exists, because it has some of the answers I don’t seem to be getting in the Dr’s. office. There seems to be as many symptom combinations of the two diseases as well as possible triggers and cures. Has anyone ever seen a questionnaire at any of the dr’s. offices that would see if many of the afflicted share any possible
history? Example: Head trauma, sinus surgery, genetics, mold exposure, allergies, stress, overseas travel, high cholesterol or b.p., etc…

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Good questions…such a confusing ball of symptoms that could be indicators of many different illnesses!! I eventually found a neurotologist after a couple ENT’s and neurologists. I had already ruled out a bunch of potential dx’s from the other doctors before I ended up there. The neurotologist gave me a dx of hydrops, a branch of meniere’s. He told me that a certain percentage of people with vestibular problems also deal with migraine(MAV). That both can be linked, but the connection is not clearly understood by the med profession.

Because the treatment of hydrops, ( diet and meds), was not bringing any relief to my symptoms, I’m just now starting to focus more on the MAV end. My neurotologist was not comfortable in treating MAV and suggested a neurologist with a specialty in headache. I’ve noticed on this site that many are seeing doctors with that back round.
This has just been my experience, there seems to be many paths for treatment that I have read about on this site. Hope this is of some help.