Is canned tuna a problem?

I read that canned fish is bad for migrainers; is canned tuna a part of that? There’s no weird ingredients except tunafish oil and a lil salt. :E

What the hell can you eat lol?

Only if you can’t find a can opener.

:wink: Well I’m left handed so its a bit problematic lol.

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Only if you can’t find a can opener.

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Smart Alek :mrgreen:

Re: canned tuna, i could list you a ton of hits claiming that it’s got MSG in it. also, after eating a lot of fish over the last year, i’ve discovered that many fresh fish contain histamine.

If you’re looking for foods you CAN eat, following are the three major perpetrators:

histamine, tyramine and phenylethylamine. Do a Google search on each one of those along with the word migraine and you’ll come up with a good list of off list foods.

But the only real way to find out what you can’t eat is to do the diet strictly for three months, and then start to add things back. Then you’ll find what doesn’t trigger you and you’ll be delighted. My diet is gradually growing and i no longer fear nuts and tomatoes but cheese is OUT big time.


Yes…canned tuna is a problem.

It’s a problem for the tuna…but it’s kind of too late by the time it’s in the can.

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It’s a problem for the tuna…but it’s kind of too late by the time it’s in the can.

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does anyone have a list at their computer of things not to eat? cheers.

/ Mikael

Wow, things not to eat…
It truly is individual, but there are lists out there of things that trigger migraine.

Believe it or not, one that does it for me is…TA DA! Canned tuna. Not for reasons you might think, but because the “spring water” they put it in is not just spring water; it is vegetable broth, which is made from potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers…those are three of my triggers.

The general list says things like fresh baked bread (no more Panera unless you eat it two days later), wine and porter and stout, aged cheese…tons more stuff.

And the thing is you can avoid all those things on the general lists and still not be eliminating YOUR triggers. Like, the first doc I saw did not have tomatoes or potatoes on his stupid list. Plus potato is a common food additive and pill binder! There are ALL kinds of things I have to avoid that are not on any lists except the one I made myself.

So…do an internet search for “migraine trigger food list” and then adapt it to fit your needs.

also, do a search for foods that contain the three main offenders:


Tuna does not bother me. Caffeeine, chocolate, msg, alcohol, too much sugars…overload of stress and lack of sleep are my big triggers.