Is corn bread a trigger?

I have been doing well on the migraine diet at home making my own clean foods. I went out twice with my husband to eat and got a clean salad with salmon on top and no dressing. At both the restaurants I ate a lot of corn bread since I figured the fresh white rolls were off limits. I felt sick with the lightheadedness and nausea the next couple of days after that. I wonder if it had malted barley flour as an ingredient. Im totally confused over why the corn bread would have affected me like that. Anybody have a problem with corn?

I would suspect the fish before the corn bread. Fish is typically high in tyramine unless you can get it straight from the sea. I typically stick to chicken and pork and cook it within a day after buying it at the store. I suspect ground beef is also high in tyramine because it typically contains scraps of meat that have been left in the open air longer (that’s my theory anyways). I also don’t typically eat leftovers >24 hours, although sometimes that’s impractical. Any bacteria that forms on the meat will create tyramine.

For me the problem is starches in general. Anything that sets up a glucose/insulin response puts me in the danger zone.

I’d suspect the restaurant lighting before the food, mainly because of the length of the time delay in symptoms kicking in. Helen

Eating out is a big problem between the lights and the food. Never thought the fish could be a problem but I see it does now. Thanks for the explanation. I get fish every time we go out to eat but I will stick to chicken from now on and make my own fresh fish at home. And the corn bread was definitely too high in carbs! I couldn’t control myself and had 5 slices. frowning:

Three different responses - three different triggers. Goes to show you how unique MAV presents in each of us.

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