Is Homepathy a solution for Vertigo?

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Need to your opinion on the use of Homeopathy as a solution for Vertigo. Has anyone used any?

Came across this article and wanted some insights -

worth a try but rather like hitting a tank with a pin

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She found supplements to replace meds

Homeopathy. Smacks of desperation I feel.

Certainly hits it on the head for me.

Don’t think it’s very well regulated in UK. Read reports people pay alot for potions that contain such tiny amounts of whatever it says on the label it stands no chance of doing any good anyway. And often the doses are huge, ie take 4 tablets twice daily. Then there’s the danger of too large doses and interaction with prescription meds. Maybe vitamins, mineral supplements, rehydration products are OK. One of my sister-in-laws takes turmeric for arthritic pain and swears by it and it reduces her need for prescription painkillers.

For MAV. Some of the top medical experts do suggest some homeopathic products which is fair enough and certainly worth a try but MAV really needs something strong and proven to hit it hard. Can homeopathy offer anything. Don’t know.

Guess depends. If all else fails … but I’m with @turnitaround on this one.

My GP is a homeopath as well as ‘medical’ Doctor, and has no successful treatment for Meniere’s . I’ve tried Bryoinia for vertigo, and something else for tinnitus to no avail. I do have certain homeopathic drops for other things that work for me…but it is a complicated remedy to self medicate, as they seem to treat a certain kind of symptom - rather than a whole cornucopia like.MAV . This can work out expensive to try each one! I suppose that, as with ANY ‘medication’ /remedy - one has to find the right one for you !

Thinking about it after I posted the above I did see a homoepath very early on in my vertigo trip, well before I had MAV diagnosis and she stated quite honestly she would be unable to help me. Nothing for vertigo. This was so long ago until I read yr post I’d forgotten all about it.